Personal finance management:
sample notes

"True personal finance management boils down to spending less than you earn."1

"Good personal finance management involves investing, managing risk, insurance, understanding and tackling debt and credit, knowing the value of time and money and ensuring that your retirement is taken care of."2

"Personal finance management should complement one's lifestyle and financial goals."3

"Personal finance management in terms of net worth is more long-term management focusing on major life goals such as retirement, children savings, portfolio management and others."4

"Importance of personal finance management can be known by just looking at the recent global crisis."5

"Personal Finance Management In the area of personal finance management, common mac personal finance software sense and persistent discipline can often make the difference between financial failure and success."6

"Since handling money is an aptitude that everyone needs to master, taking pains to understand personal finance management should be a top priority."7

"Some of the benefits of a solid personal finance management strategy could include family assets that are protected, cash flow that is greatly enhanced, the reduction of tax liability, lower borrowing expenses, a solid retirement plan, and professional estate planning."8

"Whatever approach is chosen, having the help of trained professionals in the field of personal finance management is important."9

"If an individual's fiscal needs are simpler, there are less expensive personal finance management resources that can be utilized."10


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