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Flair Finance - Accounts

You can create up to seven accounts in Flair Finance, to represent your cash, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. By creating such accounts, you can track all your transactions.

Create a new account

1. Click on the Plus button (see the top left corner).

2. When a dialog box appears, enter the account name, currency, and initial balance, and select an icon.

Click on the OK button to add the account.

Edit an account

1. You can make some changes to an account after you created it. To do that, click on the Edit Account button (see the bottom left corner of the account panel).

Delete an account

1. To delete the account selected, click on the Delete Account button

NOTE: All transactions associated with the account will be deleted too.

Account management

To manage your accounts, use the Accounts window. To open it, click on the Accounts button (see the main toolbar).

The Accounts window will appear

Review accounts

You can view a summary of all existing accounts, click on the Review button.